New 200 Acre Sand Quarry Proposal near the You Yangs

Planning Permit No. 692/2015

A proposal has been lodged with the City of Greater Geelong to construct a new 200 acre sand quarry retail operation on farm zoned land adjacent to the You Yang's Regional Park in Little River, Victoria.

Interested parties should contact Geelong Planning with their concerns. Quarry truck routes include many public streets in Lara and Little River. Fifty heavy truck movements per day is projected.

The You Yang's Regional Park is an asset valued by all Victorians and is the basis for Lara tourism.   Negative impacts on the environment, fauna, ecological systems, pollution, tourism appeal and quarry truck traffic are amongst paramount concerns on this inappropriate use of the farming zone.

Application and supporting documents 

Thanks to the Lara Care Group who have the application documents on their website to download as pdfs here - we now also have most of them available here  - please note they are very large files -