Some Links which you may find useful

The Lara Care Group - who are working with us on to stop this project as well as other important projects in Lara including Serendip  

Little River and Lara Rural Action Group also working to stop inappropriate development

Echidna Walkabout - wildlife tour operators taking international guests into the You Yangs daily, doing Koala Research, conservation and boneseed weeding.

Serendip Sanctuary, Lara  an excellent example of the open grassy woodlands and wetlands of the volcanic Western Plains near the You Yangs

Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre - privately owned, large predator free ecosystem  conservation of some of Australia’s most threatened faunal species

Western Melbourne Catchment Network - may even be changing to NatureWest

Landcare - 

The You Yangs MTB Inc (YYMI) assists with the improvement and maintenance of the Mountain Bike Park. See their Facebook Page


Photos and reports on You Yangs visits - Time in the Bush

More great photos on Facebook You Yangscrapes