Here is just some of the media coverage regarding this application and how many people and groups feel strongly about it.  We may have missed some of the recent media and other promotion so please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with links if possible.

  • Geelong Advertiser 12 July 2016  "Unlikely band digs in against quarry plan"  Jodie Whittaker

    A war cry has sounded, uniting the most unlikely cohort. Individual differences have been set aside to create a formidable army. Ordinarily this eclectic bunch would rarely have crossed paths, yet they’ve shared skills to prepare for the fight of their lives against a common enemy.

    International filmmakers and hikers have united with indigenous leaders. Sustainable farmers and avid cyclists have come together with National Trust representatives. Eco-tourism operators are standing with residents, environmental researchers and truck drivers. Their mission is to provide a strong, unified voice for a silent entity.

    The You Yangs is under threat.

  • Geelong Advertiser 9 July 2016 "Getaway star Catriona Rowntree joins fight against proposed You Yangs sand" quarry.  More than 700 supporters have signed a petition to the City of Greater Geelong, including Rowntree, who said the safety risks to residents and native wildlife were “unacceptable”.
  • Geelong Advertiser 7 July 2016 "Controversial You Yangs Sand, Soil Quarry backed by city" written by Shane Fowles who was only at the meeting for the first part of it - mostly while the Developer and Planning Department addressed the Panel.       [note - The newspaper also had a full page advertisement by the Developer]. 

Our response -

"It would have been more helpful to readers if a complete report of the meeting, including presentations by the many individuals and organisations who opposed the views of the applicant and the Council’s Planning Department, had been provided.

If Mr Fowles had bothered to stay for the entire 5 hour time-frame over which the matter was debated, rather than leaving after the initial presentations by the applicant and the planners in favour of the quarry, a more ‘balanced’ report might have resulted. As it was there were many arguments concerning damage to the landscape, impacts on neighbouring farms, negative implications for wildlife tourism, which is a growth industry, increased truck traffic, risks to visitor traffic, cyclists and wildlife were some of the issues dealt with but were unreported in the GA article.

Whilst the Council’s Planning Department might ‘back the You Yangs quarry’ as suggested in the article headline, it is presumptuous to suggest that the independent committee which presided over the Hearing, supports the Planning Department’s view. That is why independent panellists were called in, in the first place.

Unfortunately the journalist’s report provides a very disappointing and distorted account of what took place".