Development around the You Yangs - Housing and Mining


Our first YouiesInfoGraphic looks at some of the threats.

Windermere Road - Lara

As an example of how determined we must be to protect the You Yangs we look first at an extended battle by the residents of Lara to stop a housing development along Windemere Road opposite Serendip Sanctuary (also know as the Caddy's Road development).  

The Lara Care Group has lead this campaign for over 10 years - an extraordinary effort.

What is most interesting about this battle is that the vast majority of Lara residents were opposed to the development but both Council and the developer proceeded regardless.  Even the State Government capitulated.  

The fight is not over yet in this campaign.

The fight has just begun in this campaign - see What YOU can do NOW!

Check out the first YouiesInfoGraphic above and watch out for the next story soon